Saturday, January 26, 2013

Episode 7 - Always In Season

I have read thousands of feature film scripts.  Really.  My mind boggles.  Some were painful, some were just okay, many were pretty good, and a few were great.  But there are only a handful - maybe ten/twenty out of a thousand - that made such an impression that they stuck with me to this day.  Scripts that were terrific reads and stood out as complete works of art on their own.  Some guy named M. Night Shyamalan wrote something called The Sixth Sense that scared me, fooled me and moved me.  Andrew Niccol wrote a couple of profound pieces called Gataca and The Truman Show - both very moving reads as well.  (Note:  I'm talking about the scripts, not the final products that appeared on the screen (some fared better than others)).  And then there was one called Every Good Boy Does Fine - a thriller written by Jonathan Dees.  It hasn't been made yet.  It's been in what's known as Development Hell, but I won't be surprised when it appears on the screen that is silver.

To this day whenever anyone asks me what my favorite scripts are - that's the one that usually springs to mind.  A terrific piece of writing that imprinted on my grey matter.

So you can imagine how great it was when he agreed to write something for Earbud Theater.  (Can you imagine?  Are you picturing dancing and frolicking?  Ah, then I guess you can.)  The result is the very cool ALWAYS IN SEASON.  Mr. Dees has written something to be very proud of and we're thrilled to bring it to you!

We hope you enjoy Episode 7 of Earbud Theater:  ALWAYS IN SEASON!

Written by
Jonathan Dees

Performed by
Peter - Jeff Cannata
Debbie - Sabrina Stoll
Old Timer - Matthew Henerson

Music by

Produced by Aaron Drown & Casey Wolfe
Directed by Casey Wolfe


  1. Very suspenseful. We actually got chills at the screams during the night. Liked the questions left at the end.

  2. Very cool! Glad you liked it!